Wayne Bridge & John Terry mistake  

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John Terry
England team player & Chelsea f.c. captain

ماشي يا عم جون

وماله يا سيدي

then ,
Terry & his wife Tony Poole .

right now ,
every thing is good .

Second ,
Wayne Bridge
England team & Manchester city f.c. player

اوعى القطر يا عم الحج

then ,
Vanessa Perroncel
French underwear model .

Oppaaaaa !!

Oofffffff !!

what a rocket ?!!
هو لسه في كده

then ,
Bridge & his partner -not his wife- Vanessa

الله يسهله

Third ,
what can I say ?!

الشيطان دخل بينهم يا جماعة

The result ,

لأ لا لا لأ
ايه يا واد الحنان دا كله يا واد

حــِــمــِــش يا واد

Look again @ the eyes .

if i was instead of you ,
I 'd shake him strongly ,
but on his face !!

انا لو مكانك
اسلم عليه جااامد
بس على وشــّــه

then ,
Vanessa said
He was going out more than he should have.” !

لا ما عندهوش حق خااالص
1st split , 2nd renew their partnership .
easy .. easy !!

then ,
Toni said " I will give him one last chance ."
كتر خيرك برده
الست باقية على العيال يا جماعة
ماتفهموهاش غلط بقى
they renewed their wedding vows @ Dubai . !

في مطعم جامد قوي فاتح في مانشيستر
انصحك تروحله
اسمه خد فــ طيرك

Peace ya man !!

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