My pretty women slide show 2  

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Welcome to reality  

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I love you
It takes 3 seconds to say it ,
It takes 3 hours to explain it ,
It takes a life to prove it

Always for give your enemies ,
but Never forget their names

Some people are alive Only because
it is illegal to kill them

Tears will help you learn & grow ,
but you are better off to let them flow

Life is not about finding yourself ,
Life is about Creating Yourself

We all love to spend a lot of time on buying new clothes ,
but never release that the best times are enjoyed without clothes !!

The man who has never lies to a woman , has no respect from her , feelings !!

Behind every successful person , person lies a pack of haters

If you don't understand my silence , you'll not understand my words

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back ,
it simply means that you are two steps ahead